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JUST HOLIDAYS is Company in the business of Tourism formed by experienced people (see directors’ profile). As the name suggests, we deal ONLY with TRAVEL-RELATED-HOLIDAYS of people and in a FAIR manner. The creators of this banner believe that the phenomenon of Tourism is growing irreversibly and with high acceleration. The growth is too fast for the existing companies to cater to the bulging market and escalating consumer demands. Hence, there is still a lot to be done DIFFERENTLY.

JUST HOLIDAYS aims at covering all aspects of Package Tours Management. Please see our product range section for more details. The focus remains on quality services and customized solutions. Our competitive advantage comes from our hardcore understanding of the subject and undivided focus on the business. We stand committed to give innovative products and services to the market with a personal and caring attitude. We understand that the same person can be a honeymooner in one holiday, can be a father of a family in the next, and an incentive traveler from a Company in another. Every time, his expectations and requirements will be different.



Just Holidays is a dream project of Sanjay Kothari. After completing his Master’s in Tourism Management with Distinction in the year 1996, no job in 10+ years of working gave him the kind of complete satisfaction that he was looking for. Maslow called it ‘self actualization’ in his Theory of Motivation… Last assignment was with SOTC as the Regional Head-East for Corporate Tours.

Shyam Sundar Agarwal is the second director in the Company. He is a Chartered Accountant by profession and has been handling financial matters of various Corporate Houses for more than 30 years.

Firmly believing that TOURISM is A BUSINESS OF TOMORROW, Sanjay Kothari and Shyam Sunder Agarwal have joined hands to synergize their dreams, experience, expertise and contacts to establish themselves as JUST HOLIDAY-MAKERS.

Sanjay is responsible for Strategic Planning, Marketing & Communications, Product Development, Business Development, Quality Control, and Systems. Shyam Sundar is overlooking all aspects of Finance, Procurement, Corporate Development, Network & Data Management and Infrastructure Management.

Mr. Sudhakar Gautam is the Executive Director of the Company and is heading North India Market independently. Sudhakar and Sanjay have studied Tourism together way back in 1994-1996 and have finally decided to take forward their vision and mission on tourism industry together.



The directors of Just Holidays are supported by a team that is a mix of experience and energy. While experience personnel have brought in knowledge and expertise, young generation is also there to infuse enthusiasm and imagination. Together, they promote synergy that leads to constant innovations. Every personnel in Just Holidays has definite portfolio and KRAs. They are lead by action and not position. The Company promotes work culture of togetherness like a family.

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