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Planning a perfect vacation from scratch to finish is a meticulous job, and time consuming too. Imagine if all you have to do is pack your suitcase and head straight to the airport. No hassle of arranging travel, booking hotels, transfers, excursions, scouting for restaurants and appointing guides. What’s more, you have your own personal concierge service just to make your holiday a truly memorable experience. Yes, Just Holidays is here for you exactly to do all of this. We make a profession out of easing your stress of planning a holiday.

Sure there are plenty of information and booking options available online. The internet is bursting with reviews, deals and a mind boggling amount of material. However, making a decision by sifting through online options requires some courage, especially when planning an expensive international holiday.

Just Holidays steps in just here. Takes over the reins from you and handcrafts a holiday that is simply amazing. You not just save on a tremendous amount of time but are relieved of the hassle of juggling with the nitty-gritty of a travel itinerary. And most importantly, you save on money too.

Yes, you read right. Contrary to the popular belief, we won’t cost you more. If fact, you might end up saving more money booking a vacation through us. Just Holidays has a great global network and are completely clued in to promotional offers and we get exclusive deals which is not available to online customers. We are also very flexible. If you find a great deal online, you may book the same through us for a nominal service charge. The value addition will be relevant information and insights which our travel experts will offer you absolutely free of charge.

Your holiday advocates. That’s what we are. We find you the best prices and God forbid there is a mishap, we are right there to clean up the mess.

Online booking has its pros and cons. It might offer you convenience but there is nothing like entrusting your holiday idea to your exclusive travel expert. Sometimes prices change from the time you choose a booking to the time of payment. In many cases, we can hold the bookings for you, till the time you actually decide to pay and book. That flexibility is priceless.

Also, booking online is easy, but cancelling or making a change is a nightmare. You have to go through endless telephone conversations with faceless customer care executives who do not know you. In Just Holidays, we treat each one of you as our personal guest. We make the changes first, the payment can be made later. Our cancellation policies are also not the same as online engines.

Our knowledge and expertise in exotic and long haul destinations is vast and detailed. The internet is great for browsing ideas. Come to us with yours and we will make your holiday splendid. More importantly, we come with a face. And a heart. As reliable as it can get.

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